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Uncovering the Real Meaning of 3D Visualization

How many times have you heard the terms 3D, Visualization, or 3D Visualization combined? Now that we’re in the 21st century where computers and other smart gadgets can be seen anywhere, the term “3D” is no longer new. In fact, a lot of cartoons and movies now are using animations called 3D or three-dimensional.


What is 3D Visualization?

Generally, 3D refers to images that show depth perceptions. Instead of seeing the images flatly, 3D images appear more detailed especially in various angles, alive, and appealing. Once a 3D image is made interactive or combined with animation, it becomes a virtual reality. These 3D images are also called 3D graphics or 3D Visualizations. Other terms that are used synonymously with 3D Visualization are computer Generated Imagery or CGI, 3D rendering and more which all comes from using a software.

All graphical content and 3D Visualizations are created with the same major processes with 3D software to “communicate a message”. Over the years, the option for 3D software multiplied to produce more high-quality digital content that catches the attention of the audience.  Moreover, the 3D Visualization with computer-aided design content is commonly created by engineers, architects, and industrial designers. Thus, the end results of the content show a great deal of combined artistic and technical skills.


Who Creates It?

3D Visualization doesn’t revolve around the work of engineers, architects, and industrial designers. There are also visual experts called 3D artists that can produce high-quality 3D Visualization content. 3D artists also use some photography skills since they also use both technical and artistic skills. Typically, 3D artists use different tools like Maya, 3ds Max, Autodesk, and Cinema 4D to create high-quality content that businesses from all types of industry can benefit from.

On the other hand, be careful when hiring a professional when it comes to creating 3D Visualizations. The tools and skills that 3D artists use are different from what engineers and industrial designers use. So, be precise on the kind of product and service that you need.

3D artists create 3D Visualizations using a virtual studio. They either create the model of the product or use the existing CAD files from engineers or architects before setting up virtual lights, cameras, and their selected background. Although it is quite similar to the process of traditional photography, the end result of 3D Visualization is still unique and intricate.

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