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Top 3D Printable Project Hubs

Are you collecting a list of sites where you can download 3D printable projects? Well, aside from what 7 Under offers in our 3D studio portfolio online, you can also check out websites that offer printable projects online.

Since the 3D Visualization plays a very important role in the construction projects for hotels, buildings, restaurants, residential areas, malls, and others, more people are becoming interested in it. More technology used in creating 3D Visualization is also becoming more affordable to consumers. So, if you want to begin your dream into becoming an expert in this field, here are the top 3D hubs you can check out.



When it comes to downloadable 3D printable, Thingiverse is considered as the most established website. You can actually compare the volume of its 3D printable items to the Library of Alexandria. But since there are tons of results to choose from, the best way to find what you are looking for is to use a filter for searching. Thingiverse’ website is user-friendly so it’s mostly recommended for newbies and pros.



If you want a site that is similar to Thingiverse, this site made by Ultimaker is what you need. Though the volume of its designs is not as thick as what Thingiverse, its interface, and its collection feature are what gave it a big potential over its competitors.



Yeggi is known for its comprehensive search engine on 3D printing. However, beginners might end up a little confused when it comes to getting used to its interface. Thus, be sure to use filters on the search bar to avoid the distracting crowd on its interface. One thing that Yeggi has that others don’t is alert. If you don’t want to miss a new design under a specific category, Yeggi can alert you once you’ve set up their alert settings.



If you want a little twist, this site might be the one you are looking for. Its search engine offers an interesting twist by using other keywords when searching for their designs. For instance, instead of simply searching 3D Printable designs on their site, you can search designs faster by SHAPE.



If you want an intuitive and simple interface, this aggregator is one of the best sites to visit for 3d printable projects. No learning curve is needed to get around on this site which is why many newbies visit it.



While other websites only allow you to download, this site allows its users to upload their design directly to their site. Embedding models anywhere in the World Wide Web is also hassle-free with SketchFab. Check out their Staff Picks for a good start.



If you want free CAD models, GrabCad can offer you millions of choices though it doesn’t focus on 3D printable projects alone. Its models are all designed by engineers so you can rest assure that every item is made of high-quality.

3D Visualization is indeed an interesting field where artists and professionals meet. Though these sites have something in common to offer, they still make sure that their differences make them stand out. Carving for more? Bookmark us now and follow out next posts!